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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Some touch with their eyes, some do not.

Some like to talk, some like to listen.

Some like to move, some like to remain still.

Some show their worries, some stay confident.

Some need others help, some do it on their own.

Some like company, some like to be alone.

Some like the help of a certain something or somebody in the process, some do not.

Some like silence, some like noise.

Some like and follow the 'critiques' of others, some want originality.

Some blog, some do not.

Some share, some keep to themselves.

Some enjoy, some complain.

Some choose to communicate in unique ways, some understand the beauty of face to face communication.

Some make an impact, some blend in.

Some learn quickly, some take their time.

Thanks for reading.

-Colt Peterson.